Rumors in Formula 1

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Formula1Sport has the latest news in F1 and today the big news is all about the forthcoming spy trial. Reconvened by the FIA, the World Motor Sport Council is taking the place of the Appeal Court as new evidence has come into the court's hands. Some say it is to do with phone calles between Fernando Alonso and Pedro de la Rosa, others doubt it. Read more on our F1 news site.

Our site that looks at the implications of the F1 news, F1 Insight, has a post considering the possibilities inherent in these new developments. Much depends upon the outcome of the case, perhaps even the survival of F1 as we know it.

Rollo too is up in arms, having returned for another look at the Senator Larry Craig case. In Rollo's News-sense, he gives his view on things and points out the implications for all of us.

It seems that everyone is angry today. Over at Money Trends it's the early iPhone customers who are annoyed at missing out on the dramatic price cuts on the expensive phone. One can understand how they feel and Apple have had to go back on their intention to give rebates only to those who bought phones 14 days before the price cut.

Finally, and to give us a breather from all this anger, G.A.L.S. - Get It All for Less writes about free samples of laundry detergent. Now there's a refreshing change from the general mood of the day!

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