Monday, Monday September 3 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007

We've been busy today, with just about everything updated. F1 Insight and Formula1Sport have their daily posts, Insight with some thoughts on the night racing that Bernie Ecclestone is introducing with next year's Singapore Grand Prix.

Minding Your Money has things to say about budgeting for a vacation - and spending the money once you've decided where to go. Over at Global Warming Trends, we can learn about how Lake Chad in Africa forced the Times Atlas to reprint - and it's all thanks to global warming!

MusicGeeks updates rather less frequently than our other blogs so it's a day for celebration when a new post happens along. Today it's the Lovin' Spoonful coming under the microscope - a group from the sixties that stands out as being different from all the others. Well worth a read and a listen.

Andrea tells more of the truth in her article for Why Keep Dogs and Bark Myself? today. As the run in to school enters its final phase, she reflects on how life must seem for a young teenager and the struggle it can be at times. I really must recommend this blog to everyone, not just the mommies - for wry humor it is hard to beat!

And so to whitening strips. Yes, G.A.L.S. - Get It All for Less! has the latest info on where to get free samples and come up smiling every time. Now that can't be bad, surely...

Finally, and most importantly, Nedfulthings has an update and it's a poem. As ever, the quality is astounding, the work of a gifted poet. If you are interested at all in poetry, real poetry, not the usual blog-mangled haikus, go have a read and feel the meanings.


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