A Return to The Other

Monday, September 24, 2007

You may have noticed that I have let things slip at The Other One recently and that is because it really is the other one; the main blogs get priority and it is easy for this one to be forgotten in the excitement and busy-ness of daily life. Obviously, I was being a bit optimistic in setting out to make it a daily thing and it might be more workable if it were to be updated less frequently than that.

Anyway, that is what I'm trying for now. In the quiet interim, much has happened, with daily updates to Formula1Sport, F1 Insight and Rollo's News-sense and frequent posting on the remainder. Two new blogs have been added as well: On Your Mind, a series looking at the latest research in the working of the brain, and To Your Health, dedicated to news on women's health matters. In time and as posts accumulate, both of these should become valuable resources and, in the meantime, they provide interesting snippets of information that you might not have known.

There is one more possibility that I could do with The Other One and that is to look at the news on each site in turn, so that updates are not delivered all at once but each blog gets the spotlight occasionally. I make no promises, however, having learned that promises are fatal to any new project!

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