Midweek Posts September 5 2007

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Global Warming Trends takes pride of place today with two reports, one on free Big Macs in Japan, the other on an increase in heart disease as a result of global warming. Put the two together and you have a very strange situation indeed.

In the F1 world, F1 Insight takes a look at one of the young and hopeful drivers waiting at the edge of the sport, Gary Paffett. He is presently a test driver for McLaren but rumor puts him in a race seat for Prodrive, the team due to enter F1 next year. Could Gary be another Lewis Hamilton?

Formula1Sport has all the news and the big story today is the reconvening of the FIA court on the Ferrari documents spy saga. The appeal has been withdrawn in the light of new evidence and the verdict reconsidered.

Not as many updates as usual but it's been a busy day for us, rushing hither and yon on personal business. Things will return to normal tomorrow, I'm sure!

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