What Else is New? August 30 2007

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Well, naturally F1 Insight has its daily post and this time it's about the enjoyment of motor racing itself. F1 enthusiasts are a different breed from most fans and delight in all the complicated processes that surround the sport, as well as the races themselves.

Andrea has a wry look at little boys' fascination with small creatures in Why Keep Dogs and Bark Myself? She is talking from personal experience as usual and tells it as it is.

Rollo's News-sense has a look at the case of Senator Larry Craig's arrest and finds much to be concerned about. We have heard of arrests based on flimsy evidence but this one really seems to be a matter of opinion and little else. No wonder Rollo gets a bit steamed!

Meanwhile, I discovered a great blues harmonica player on YouTube and wrote about him in MusicGeeks. If you like the blues, have a listen - you won't regret it!

Global Warming Trends takes a look at the statistics for scientific papers published for and against man-made global warming and finds some surprising facts. If you thought there was a general consensus amongst scientists, it seems you need to think again!

Then you could find out about credit card defaults on Minding Your Money. It may be a depressing subject but hey, somone has to keep an eye on it...

On a lighter note, G.A.L.S. - Get it All for Less has a story about a beauty pageant entrant bitten by a rattlesnake. Help arrives in the form of yet another of these beautiful ladies - a real life Miss Congeniality!


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