A Return to The Other One

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

This is actually an ancient blog that I set up so that I could comment easily on Blogger blogs. It then occurred to me that it could be used to direct any lost souls arriving here to the safe haven of my real blog, Gone Away. As you can see from the previous posts, it took me a while to get used to Blogger's strange ways but I got it right in the end.

Today I had cause to return to this blog and had some difficulty in getting in. Things have changed since I last was here (many moons ago), it seems. But again I managed it in the end and am now taking the opportunity to update a few things. My personal blog remains as it ever was, a bit prettier and more functional (design and coding by my son, Mad) but many more have been added since and I thought I'd give you the opportunity of choosing which you would rather visit. Here's a list with brief descriptions:

F1 Insight, which deals with all matters to do with Formula One racing in depth. Even if you don't care for motor racing, have a look at my son's design - it's ultra-cool!

MusicGeeks, a blog dealing with popular music past and present. Again, this one is designed by Mad and you might begin to notice his design philosophy running through each of them. My wife also posts to this blog and her tastes are slightly different from mine, which gives us a broader reach.

Formula 1 Sport, a news blog dealing with Formula 1 racing. I recently accepted an offer to write for this existing blog - it differs from F1 Insight in that it deals mainly with news as it happens whereas Insight is centered more on opinion.

Those are mine for the moment (more to be added soon) but there are also my wife's blogs that might interest you:

Nedfulthings, her personal blog and a testimony to her writing talent. If you like good writing and a very individual view on life, have a look at this one.

Rollo's News-sense, a wry look at the news through the eyes of Rollo. Definitely one for those who enjoy the stranger stories in the news.

Minding Your Money, a look at personal finance, how best to handle it and financial news that affects us. Perhaps I should have warned you that my wife is endlessly versatile!

Global Warming Trends, dealing with the latest news in the global warming scare.

Why Keep Dogs and Bark Myself?, a mommy blog with a difference. If you're bringing up children, this one will get you laughing.

G.A.L.S. Get it All for Less looks at bargains in fashion, make up and just about anything else girly!

Surely you can find something to interest you in all those! Enjoy!

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